Regency costume tutorial for boy, “Skeleton Suit”


Regency costume tutorial for boy, “Skeleton Suit”

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At the time of the directory (around 1790) a new type of clothing appeared for the use of boys. In England it was given the name “Skeleton suit”, which we could translate as “Traje Esqueleto” in Spanish or buttoned diver. It consists of two pieces, jacket and pants, joined by buttons.

What will you find in this tutorial?

  • Introduction to the history of children’s clothing.
  • Examples and explanation of the Skeleton Suit.
  • I will explain how to develop your own patterns adapted to the age and size of the child. In addition to how to be able to modify them to make variations on the model.
  • You will see examples of already sewn suits and an explanation of how to make them.

It is advisable to have previous knowledge of sew clothing to be able to develop this project, but it can be done from scratch with the complementary help of other online tutorials.

You can also write to me to ask me your questions.


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