Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most common questions, if you have any questions, that you cannot solve here, please contact me by writing to atelier@aabsenta.com or through the chat of the page and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

How does the shop work?

On the store page you will find, in the menu on the left, the names of the different collections of fabrics and also the labels related to the common elements of the designs (flowers, regency, borders, etc.). In each collection there are different color variations on the same design, when accessing any of them you can choose, in a drop-down menu, the type of fabric on which I can stamp it. With each type of fabric the price per meter will appear, select the quantity you need and click on the “+” icon to add it to your shopping cart.

What designs can you reproduce?

I can reproduce any design that you have an image in which the motive can be seen as best as possible.

I DO NOT reproduce designs that are marketed by any other store or that belong to another designer.


Can I order you a completely different model from the ones in your catalog?

Of course! I love challenges and doing something completely new and different motivates me especially.

Contact me by email (atelier@aabsenta.com),the chat page or through my Facebook page. We will be able to talk about the details of the design of fabric, accessory or garment that you are looking for, the deadlines of production, delivery and payment, and everything that is necessary to create something unique and special for you.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

The time it takes to stamp an order varies depending on the volume of orders you have at any given time and from the vendor. Shipping to production at the beginning of the week and I usually receive fabrics between 7 and 15 days later. To this we must add the delivery time for the place of destination, although I try to be services for a maximum of five days.

As for the accessories and garments made exclusively for you the time depends on my work list, get the materials and how complex the production process is. We usually talk about deadlines when placing the order.

For accessories and garments already made for sale time will depend on the courier service contracted.

Can I return or exchange an order?

For me the satisfaction of my customers is the most important thing, yet each order is produced exclusively for each customer. This implies that in most cases I am not guaranteed to be able to resell the fabric or accessory that I have made for you.

Make sure at the time of placing the order that the material and model you have ordered is the one you need.

The colors displayed on the screen may look slightly different depending on the calibration of your monitor or mobile device, it also depends on the fabric on which it is stamped that turn out to be more vivid colors (synthetic fibers) or more muted (natural fabrics) .

I try to monitor all orders produced in Spain, but no one is foolproof, so if you receive a wrong or defective order, I will be happy to resolve the situation. Contact me and we will discuss how to process the return and find a satisfactory solution for both parties.

Anyway, if you are within the first few hours of the order and you want to cancel it, contact me by email (atelier@aabsenta.com) informing the order number and if the manufacturing process of the order has not yet started, I will be able to make the necessary changes.

Expenses and shipping areas

The production of the fabrics and their stamping is done in Spain (except the USA Only) and are shipped worldwide. Shipping rates are calculated based on the product and the quantity requested, the destination of the shipment and the delivery option. To determine the shipping cost you must add the products to your shopping cart, select the destination country and the cart will be updated to show the corresponding shipping rates.

How should I wash the tissues?

Each fabric is different, but I always recommend washing in cold water, short cycles and without using bleach. If you wash the garment inside out it will always last longer. The use of the dryer is not recommended as it allows the colors to fade. In short: the usual care for the garments we appreciate.

It is recommended not to use softener on minky fabric,minimize the number of washes and brush with a soft brush (lint remover or soft baby bristle type) to restore the neat appearance of the hair. DO NOT IRON.

Why are your shoes different, how can I keep my shoes in good condition?

We are used to the use of industrial shoes, footwear made with synthetic materials and through mechanical processes that make them very resistant but, at the same time, make them elements manufactured in series and without personality. Each of the elements that make up my shoes is made by hand: the cutting of the soles, the making of the shoe body, the details and finishes of this, the heel, etc. This makes its final appearance different from the industrial, to which we are accustomed and, at the same time, more like the shoes we can see in museums.

In addition, being a shoe made almost to measure (I do not make lasts for each client, although I try to get as close as possible to the characteristics of their foot), with flexible and soft materials, without hard seams or industrial reinforcements, they are extremely Comfortable.

Similarly, these shoes are somewhat more fragile, so it is convenient that before ordering them you specify to me the use you want to give them. You should keep in mind that, for example, dance shoes were never used to walk down the street, their place were the rooms with clean and polished floors, if you look at the soles of the shoes that are in numerous museums you will notice how thin they are and how little malt ratised ones who are despite how clearly fragile they look. These are shoes to wear, not shoes for walking long distances or on roads with aggressive floors that wear the leather excessively. However, if you want to use them for any surface communicate it and I will reinforce its sole, although you will have to take into account that they deteriorate faster than if you treat them with care and care.

Process to follow if you want us to work together on a unique creation for you

NOTE: I do not currently accept orders except for fabric designs. I’m sorry, I hope I can do it again in a few months.

Each order is unique and has special conditions that we will agree in advance but, in a guiding way, this is the process to follow if you want us to work together on a unique creation for you:

1. Send me an email to atelier@aabsenta.com or a private message on Facebook, telling me what you want. You can send reference photos that help me understand your idea as best as possible.

2. I will respond as soon as possible to your mail, according to what we talk I can give you an approximate budget and, if necessary, a previous sketch of the design (shape, details, possible materials, etc.). Once you’ve confirmed that you agree with the design and features of the article, I can’t guarantee that subsequent changes are possible. I will study each case and, if it is possible to make the change you want once the creation process has started, I will be happy to do so; however, some modifications will not be possible.

3. The delivery time will vary depending on the characteristics of the order and I will ask you to confirm if you are happy with the deadline before you start placing your order.

4. Before you can start working, you will have to approve the budget by making the payment of 50 of the total price. The payment method will be by bank transfer, PayPal (has a small surcharge) or card and will be made in euros.

5. Throughout the process I will do my best to send you photos so you can see how your order progresses. Once finished I will send you photos so that you can check that it meets your expectations and, if the type of custom allows, ask me for some small final modification.

6. After you have seen the photos of your finished order, you will have to make the payment of the other 50 and, once the payment is effective, I will send it to you. I will always try to ensure that the shipping costs are as economical as possible but that, at the same time, we have guarantees that it will arrive in good condition.