Unique accessories
for unique people.

Hi! My name is Charo and I have always been interested in history, especially in everything related to the 19th century. In 2006, two things happened that marked the course of the following years: I bought my first sewing machine and discovered thanks to the Internet the historical reenactment through blogs of American reenactress. What happened next was that I formed a nineteenth-century civil reenactment group in Spain and set out to learn all I could about history, crafting methods and crafts in general related to my passion.

Many years later, (having traveled a little, went to a few European events, expanded my knowledge and family), I decided to create the Atelier Angelica Absenta, with the intention of creating historical garments and accessories for other people. In recent years I have been creating hats, shoes, gloves, embroidered veils, corsets, garters and dresses based on examples preserved by museums.

My goal is always to reproduce that historical fashion object that you fell in love with at first sight, that the garment or accessory you see is completely unique, created for you, to measure and to your liking. Creations with personality, handmade, always seeking historical rigor and exclusivity.

In one way or another my profession for twenty years, graphic design, has always been linked to my creations. With the arrival of my second daughter in the family the time to sew in my workshop has become non-existent (pins and scissors are incompatible with babies, I’m afraid), and that has made me give another direction to what I was doing so far. It is very difficult to get a textile print design suitable for the time to recreate, even more difficult that it is of the colors or material that we like. And that’s where my goal comes in: to reproduce historical textile prints giving as many possibilities to the customer as possible.

In a few years I will be sewing again and perhaps then these designs will be exclusive for the garments that come out of my workshop, for now it is time to share them and that we all have the opportunity to reproduce the garment that we have fallen in love with.

I love the challenges, so feel free to contact me if you are looking for something completely out of the ordinary. In addition, I invite you to follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what I am working on now and the new accessories coming out of my workshop.